Mission: In line with One Blue Ocean, Road to Zero, and the Sustainable Development Goals, Sony Pictures is working toward eliminating single-use plastics (SUP) across our internal operations. In phases, SPE plans to eliminate single-use plastic items across SPE’s products, operations, productions, and supply chains.  


Press Release

SPE’s 2025 eliminate single-use plastics metric: The elimination of the most common single-use plastics.1 

Definition of Single-use Plastics:  

  • Single-use plastics are disposable plastics used for less than one week including all bioplastics, virgin plastics, and post-consumer recycled plastics.  

  • Our definition of single-use plastics excludes certain medical materials and products used in dealing with hygiene, contamination risks, and other health and safety risks.  

Examples of the most common SUP: 

  1. Beverage bottles 

  1. Utensils  

  1. Dishware including to-go containers, cups, and straws. 

  1. Bags including shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, and deskside liners. 


  • Phase 1: Corporate Operations. The remove single-use plastics from areas such as commissaries, eating locations, and stores across global facility operations. Target date for completion is December 2022.  

  • Phase 2: Studio Lot Productions, Corporate Events, and Premieres. Single-use plastics are to be eliminated by the end of 2025. 

  • Phase 3:  Direct Productions. Expands the elimination of single-use plastic beyond water bottles and includes procurement of common goods. 50% of single-use plastics are to be eliminated by 2025 and 100% by 2030. 

Hierarchy of Alternatives: 

  1. Removal: Source elimination of the activity, material, or product, if possible 

  1. Reusables: Use reusable alternatives  

  1. Replacements: Use products made from sustainable materials, renewable resources, or materials that have a high recycling rate together with a waste segregation and recycling program. 

  • Aluminum 

  • Fiber based materials 

  • Glass 

NOTE: Use materials that are recyclable and compatible with recycling processes available at different locations.