Sony Pictures is striving to reach "zero waste" by developing creative waste minimization programs, policies and partnerships that encourage resource reduction, reuse and recycling. 

In late 2011, Sony Pictures and the City of Culver City transitioned to a waste-to-energy program with the potential to reach a 99 percent diversion rate. 

Combined with our recycling processes, Sony Pictures' Culver City operations divert over 90 percent of our waste from landfills through efforts like furniture donation, set donation efforts and food donations.


The SPS lot currently offers composting in and around the commissaries, outside of stores and coffee shops, and in office pantries. By composting food waste, the lot helps mitigate climate change by preventing methane emissions produced by organic waste decomposing in landfills. Employees also divert their waste by using the recycle stream. Acceptable items in this receptacle include hard plastics, aluminum, clean paper, and glass.