Sony Pictures is committed to reducing its environmental impact across its facilities. Initiatives cover the full range of environmental impacts, including greenhouse gases, water and waste. A single facilities management software is used to centralize, integrate, analyze and communicate building data with the ultimate goal of optimizing building performance.


Sony Pictures has a comprehensive Energy Management System (EMS) for the Culver City sites.

In order to monitor and track electricity usage at various facilities, Sony Pictures has installed a series of sub-meters to collect data and utilize analytics to develop energy efficiency plans and to measure effectiveness.

Sony Pictures continues to expand its central plant on the Studio Lot to incorporate additional buildings and increase resource efficiency.

Energy efficiency projects are continually implemented, including lighting controls, LED exit signs, LED work lights, HVAC optimization, and lighting retrofit in office buildings, stages and parking structures.

Sony Pictures installed a 232 Kw solar photovoltaic system on top of the Jimmy Stewart Building in 2009. Data center operations are actively managed to reduce power usage effectiveness and maximize renewable energy consumption.


Sony Pictures is committed to finding ways to save water through a variety of initiatives across our facilities.

We have replaced the majority of the natural grass in the studio lot with all-weather artificial turf reducing water usage, maintenance costs, irrigation repairs labor and materials cost and fertilizer usage.

Across the studio lot and nearby offices, the studio is saving water by using lower flow faucets and toilets, waterless urinals, drought resistant plants, and new cleaning equipment.

The studio has drastically reduced its bottled water and plastic water cooler consumption through the purchase of water filtration systems across the studio lot.


Sony Pictures is striving to reach "zero waste" by developing creative waste minimization programs, policies and partnerships that encourage resource reduction, reuse and recycling.

In late 2011, Sony Pictures and the City of Culver City transitioned to a waste-to-energy program with the potential to reach a 99 percent diversion rate.

Combined with our recycling processes, Sony Pictures' Culver City operations divert over 90 percent of our waste from landfills through efforts like furniture donation, set donation efforts and food donations.