Wheel of Fortune produced its fifth ‘Going Green’ theme week on location in Portland, OR – one of the greenest cities in America. Along with eco-themed puzzles and eco prizes including hybrid and electric cars, the production itself maintained strict sustainability practices. The iconic Wheel and Puzzleboard traveled from Culver City, CA via tractor trailers powered by low-emission bio diesel fuel. The set was built with all-natural materials, including water-based paint and reusable greenery. Vanna White wore eco-conscious dresses; staff and crew catering offered biodegradable cups and utensils, reusable water bottles and composting stations.

Additionally, Wheel of Fortune and Sony Electronics held an eWaste collection and electronics trade-in event coinciding with its Portland Remote. Nearly 10,000lbs. of material was collected. And when the show wrapped, Wheel of Fortune donated reusable wood, carpet and goods to local schools.