An analysis comparing the emissions from on-location production and virtual production of scenes from two television shows. Virtual production is estimated to have a sizable reduction in carbon emissions.

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) launched sustainability guidelines for content production in an industry-first initiative in India, with a comm

Production designers constructed some sets entirely from Emagispace blocks — fiberboard panels similar to Legos that can build entire multiroom sets, then come apart and be fashioned into new ones

Spider-Man believes that with great power comes great responsibility - including for our planet. Learn how The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2 became Sony Pictures’ most eco-friendly production.

Think Like A Manachieved a first in motion picture history by using 100 percent LED lighting in the productiona change that reduced the films energy footprint while generating four times the amount of light as conventional sources.

Think Like a Man Too, shot in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, collaborated with Caesars CodeGreen program.

This shoot demonstrated just how sustainable a production can be: composting 550 gallons of organic waste, reusing almost everything, and donating every last camera, film, and supply to community organizations in New York City.


For our Feature and U.S. Television direct productions, we implement plans to reduce environmental impacts and model sustainable practices on-screen.

We express our commitment to biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources by purchasing sustainably sourced or certified plywood whenever possible.

Our films and TV programs currently reuse more than 5,000 sets and share more than 80,000 prop and wardrobe piecessaving an estimated 1 million pounds of material every year

We know entertainment has the power to influence public discourse, so we strive to showcase environmentally responsible choices, behaviors, and messages on small screens and big screens alike.

Sony Pictures and the other major studios joined the Producers Guild of America to create a Green Production Guide, which productions can use to help reduce the entertainment industry’s overall environmental impact.